The Enneagram and Your Business

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Enneagram Types

The Enneagram is growing in popularity among all of the personality tests out there. Honestly, I’m obsessed! If you haven’t taken the test yet, you must! It’s incredibly eye-opening and really helps you know more about the motivation behind why you do certain things! For example, an Enneatype 9 and Enneatype 6 may both be indecisive on where they want to go to dinner. But, for the 9, it’s because they don’t want to rock the boat and make anyone go where they don’t want to go. For the 6, it’s because they genuinely can’t decide because of the fear of making the wrong decision!

I’m telling you – FASCINATING. For a while, I thought I was a hardcore 6w5, but I’ve started realizing that I’m more of a 2! With all of the buzz around the Enneagram, I decided to do some research and compile a list of all the types and how the backend of their business runs! Let’s see if you can relate to your number.

Type 1 – Your systems are impeccable. You know exactly where everything is, and know exactly what you want your process to look like. At least, that may be how things used to be! You likely implemented your systems at the beginning of your business, and you’ve since outgrown them. And who has the time to go in and make it as perfect as you want it to be?!

Type 2 – You chat with your business bestie all the time about how to make her business processes better. You know exactly how her business can operate smoothly! You just have no clue how to do the same for your own business! And you can’t imagine taking the time to better your own systems.

Type 3 – From the outside, your systems look perfect. You come across as being super organized and having everything together. You pride yourself in that! However, internally, you’re super stressed about keeping up with everything. You feel like you have a million plates spinning and everything depends on you keeping them that way! Since building out your systems isn’t a money-making activity, you just postpone ever working on them. They’re piece-mealed. And you’ve just come to terms with that.

Type 4 – You hate the admin part of your business. You just want to do things you love all day long and you do NOT love the backend of your business. Even if you did devote time to doing it, you have no clue where to start because you have a hard time committing!

Type 5 – You started your business years ago and you’re STILL researching the best tools to implement in your business! You don’t feel like any one program will do everything you want it to do and you refuse to commit to something that isn’t going to be the BEST.

Type 6 – You’ve dabbled in different systems. Deep down, you want everything organized. But shiny object syndrome has you constantly chasing the next best system. You take the time to get one system working for you, and then you learn about something else that has all the features your current system is lacking. You jump ship and that keeps you from ever having a fully built-out system that actually does what you want it to do!

Type 7 – You have lots of ideas about how to be more organized! You’re attracted to beauty and tools that are aesthetically pleasing. You may even go through the process of setting something up for yourself, but the follow-through never happens! You have lots of unused systems out there. You have the best intentions, but you just can’t make yourself actually use anything consistently!

Type 8 – You totally committed to a system. Likely sometime early in your business. However, it’s not fulfilling your needs anymore. The thought of changing to something else just seems so overwhelming. So you just stay committed to what you’ve been using! You’re fine. It’s fine. We’re all fine.

Type 9 – The systems you use are super simplified. You’re definitely hesitant to change what you’ve got going on. You don’t want to rock the proverbial boat. What if it doesn’t work out?! You just stay where you’re comfortable, even though you know things could potentially be better.

Do you know your Enneatype? Is it accurate with the descriptions above? I’d love to know! Leave me a comment below with your thoughts!

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