at 17twelve, we're committed to fighting against racism and social injustice. below are a few of the steps we're taking in that fight:

  • Listening, learning, and educating ourselves on what it means to be an anti-racist ally
  • Speaking out against racism and discrimination
  • Choosing to invest where we can in Black and POC businesses
  • Supporting BIPOC non-profits and foundations who are on the front-lines of the social justice movement 

We stand for:

Diversity, inclusion, accountability, collaboration, and championing a supportive work environment where our team, clients, and members of our community all feel heard and valued.

interested in learning more about the fight? here are a few resources we're loving:

We’re always looking to grow and learn. If you see something that should be listed above, email me at! 

Black-Owned businesses we're loving:

  • LaShay Price Photography – Local (Columbia, SC) brand photographer who is amazing at capturing women in business! She’s responsible for the incredible brand photos on my site! 
  • Lattice Hudson – Business coach for women online coaches! The tips she shares are so insightful! 
  • Bifties – Gift box service that curates their shop from Black-owned brands! 
  • POC Box – Curated gift boxes made with hand-selected BIPOC products! 

We’re always looking to support new Black and minority-owned businesses!  If you see something that should be listed above, email me at!